My documentary

about the depth of water and life under the seas

Max Moghadas started filming underwater professionally a few years ago and has been engaged in making several documentaries. His last activity was in the direction of recording the texture and values ​​of the waters of the Persian Gulf, which is the purpose of making a documentary of the Persian Gulf, to show the problems, beauties, events inside it, etc., and it will be broadcast soon. This route continues in other seas such as the Indian Ocean, Hawaii, etc., and Max is still documenting the seas of the 5 continents. Max’s documentation in the field of seas does not end only with this project, and among his important activities in this field, we can also mention the seven series.

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Project objectives

  • Promote the adoption of local practices in ecosystem maintenance
  • Develop awareness tools tailored to the local community
  • Sensitize local communities
  • Entry of Iranian ambassadors in the field of specialized production of nature documentaries in the field of water
  • Exchange of knowledge between the expert forces of the countries of the oceans
  • Cultural exchange between the countries of the oceans
  • Investigating the effect of oceans on the lifestyle of people in its area
  • Establish communications in communities (environmental activists, divers, experts, etc.)

What does he ask of the supporters?

Max has a number of basic facilities for filming, he brought something around 30 thousand dollars, but to continue the trip needs more support, from tickets and accommodation to grants to run this specialized program, it is worth mentioning He starts his project at his own expense and in the middle of the road accepts any possibility of support.

What are the benefits for the sponsor of this project?

Projects with environmental concerns raise the spiritual values of the brand in the subconscious of the audience. Because the documentary is a very impressive record in the world, in the news and margins of this documentary, it supports the whole branding project. Behind the scenes of the documentary, it has the ability to stream (live broadcast) and collect donations, and in its heart, it has the ability to create various campaigns. The project also has the potential to participate in international festivals and sell in specialized networks. For the project sponsor, there are areas for creating slogans and advertising dialogue outside the borders.