Beginers diving courses


15,500,000 RLs

غواصی آبهای آزاد . Open Water Diver

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15,500,000 RLs

غواصی ماجراجویی . Advanced Adventure Diver

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Advanced diving courses

become a pro

14,000,000 RLs

غواصی نجات . Rescue Diver

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440,000,000 RLs

غواصی استادانه . Dive Master

Class information

580,000,000 RLs

غواصی پیشرفته. Advanced Diver

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Diving coaching courses

become a trainer

0 RLs

مربی کمک های اولیه . FRTI Instructor

Class information

0 RLs

کمک مربیگری . Assistant Instructor

Class information

0 RLs

مربیگری پیشرفته . Instructor Development

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Specialized diving courses


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FRTI course

First Response Training International

75,000,000 RLs

دوره آموزش کمک های اولیه . FRTI Course

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Kids Diving Course


110,000,000 RLs

آموزش غواصی کودکان . FUTURE BUDDIES

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Answers to frequently asked questions about courses

Common rules in all courses:
• Basic swimming skills
• Suitable conditions physically and mentally as wellComplete the medical form
• Respect the rules of education during the course
• Arrive on time and start the class at the appointed time
• Respect for the environment (touching creatures and picking oysters, etc. during training is prohibited)
• Professional and respectful behavior with all your teammates

More detailed explanations about the conditions and prerequisites of each course are given in its description separately.

• Complete and up-to-date diving equipment will be provided to you
• A private boat is provided to the group members
• Divers are insured during practical training

Courses are held on Qeshm Island and close to city.

During your stay on Qeshm Island and your personal expenses are at your own risk.

After passing the online course and obtaining the passing score of the exam, a group will be formed in WhatsApp to coordinate and the exact day of your presence in Qeshm will be announced one week in advance. Unfortunately, due to unpredictable weather conditions, we will not be able to coordinate sooner.