Interesting facts about sharks

Sharks have a history of 400 million years, surpassing dinosaurs and many other forms of life on Earth. There are more than 1,000 species of sharks and rays, and new species are discovered each year. These large predators, which are essential for the natural order of marine ecosystems, now face the greatest threat from overfishing. Many species are endangered, some families of endangered species such as swordfish. While sharks and rays have been an irreplaceable source for coastal communities in developing countries for centuries, this unique balance is in danger of being lost forever. Returning sharks is key to improving the resilience of these aquatic objects to climate change as our oceans are severely damaged. As a wide range of shark species complicate our efforts to protect the environment, reducing the number of these amazing creatures from overfishing and the demand for their fins and meat increases the urgency of the task. Through our multilateral strategies and by guiding global priorities for shark and radiation protection – Strategy 2015-2025, we strive to restore the balance between humans and sharks.

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